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You are here: Home Support Volunteering

Volunteering with the U

Would you like to get more out of your University experience? Meet new people, have a blast, do something awesome to put on your resume, and be rewarded for it? Then maybe you should think about volunteering with the U.

The U holds a number of events in 2014 and we love your help to organise and assist with these events. There are plenty of opportunities you can volunteer for ranging from O Week and GIGs to Charity Initiatives and the Community Garden.

At the end of each year that you have volunteered with the U Crew for more than 5 hours you can request a Certificate of Recognition. Once you graduate, and you have volunteered for five occasions or more with the U Crew your volunteering efforts will be acknowledged on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement, or AHEGS for short. The more you volunteer the more benefits you will enjoy; check the incentive table for more info. Involved in iLead? You will receive iLead points for all the volunteering that you do with the U Crew.

Sign up to the U Crew today!


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