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You are here: Home Support The U Campus Life Awards

The U Campus Life Awards

Celebrating and recognising outstanding student contributions to campus life at the University of Newcastle was the focus of the inaugural UoN Services Campus Life Awards, presented on November 1st, 2013.

UoN Services – or ‘the U’ as we are affectionately known – has as our vision a vibrant and engaging student experience and campus life for our students in complement to their academic endeavours and achievements.

The 2013 Campus Life Awards night was a resounding success as UoN Services and University staff joined with our students to celebrate what has been a wonderful year of participation and support, continuing to enhance the student experience at the University of Newcastle.

The Campus Life Awards and the 2013 recipients were

    Volunteer of the Year

    • The UoN Services Volunteer of the Year is presented to a student who has generously volunteered their time throughout 2013 to improve the student experience for fellow students on campus, and gone above and beyond the norm.
    • 2013 Volunteer of the Year - Grant Gibbins: Grant is the Managing Producer for Yak TV, and spends so much time working on the project, the team forget he is not on staff! His commitment to Yak TV is second to none and the development of his leadership skills over the course of the year has been great to witness. Grant has been the backbone of Yak TV, providing guidance to all of the members in Yak and creating quality video productions that have improved the student experience immensely in 2013.

    Club of the Year

    • The UoN Services Club of the Year Award acknowledges a club, society or association affiliated with UoN Services that has engaged a large number of students in a variety of activities, and has contributed to the sense of community at the University of Newcastle.
    • 2013 Club of the Year - FEAST: FEAST stands for Food, Expression, Art, Song, Thought. The FEAST club are club for people who enjoy being involved in anything to do with the creative arts, food, or thought-provoking discussion. The events they have run throughout 2013 have been as engaging as they have diverse. From music to visual arts to thought-provoking presentations and discussion, to writing & literature, dance, and even mystery bike rides, FEAST are dedicated to creating opportunities to engage a broad range of people in everything they do.

    Residential Student Staff Member of the Year

    • The UoN Services Residential Student Staff Member of the Year Award is awarded to a Residential Assistant or Coordinator who has showcased an outstanding commitment to student living and improving the student experience for the residents and gone above and beyond their duties to actively support and engage their fellow residents.
    • 2013 Residential Student Staff Member of the Year - Bradley Rockliff: Bradley’s commitment to the residents at Barahineban goes well beyond that of his responsibilities as an Resident Student Staff Member. His dedication to improving participation and engagement among the Bara community has been unwavering, and his efforts in looking out for his fellow residents demonstrated through the passionate nominations he received.

    Campus Life Award

    • The Campus Life Award recognises a student who has gone above and beyond in providing an outstanding student experience that contributes to the sense of community at the University of Newcastle. Their contribution should be broad-reaching, and in more than one area of the student experience. Recognition from both staff and fellow students will be highly regarded.
    • 2013 Campus Life Award - Emily Steele: Emily is the Managing Editor of Yak Magazine, and spends at least 10 to 15 hours a week volunteering her to make the magazine as good as it can be. She demonstrates impressive leadership skills, quickly gaining the respect of the Yak team even though most of them are older than her and in a year ahead of her in their degree. She is reliable, and open to learning new things. Emily has taken her Yak experience, and grown such a passion for the student experience that she has volunteered with the U crew program as well. In semester 2, Emily has also joined the Industry Scholar team at UoN Services working in the area of events and activities. Emily is a great example of what our volunteering program's offer, and what impact students can have on improving the experience of the other students around them.