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You are here: Home Support Clubs & Societies Resources Events and Functions

Events and Functions

There are plenty of options to hold an event as a club or society, and it is a great way to mingle with other club members, boost club membership and make new friends. Once your club or society is affiliated, you can apply for funding to hold events. The next step is to start planning:

Take a look at our tips here and review our frequently asked questions below!

What type of event should you hold?

The type of event that you are having will dictate all organisation of your event. Are you having a meeting? A party? A fundraiser? Don’t rely on alcohol to be the main form of entertainment for the night, it won’t end well. Organise something to keep your guests entertained and allow them to have a good time. Think about themed parties, trivia nights, karaoke - there are so many ideas for events for you to come up with! We're happy for you to get creative in our venues, just make sure you keep us in the loop as you will need prior approval for anything out of the ordinary (this can be as easy as flicking us an email). Keep in mind that if you are hoping to have a live band, you will also need a sound technician (which will be an extra cost). Our experienced events and activities team can put together a package for you which includes security, cleaning, catering and entertainment. Just come and talk to us to discuss options.

Where do you want to hold your event?

Student Central has four venues we can book at Callaghan campus: the Derkenne Courtyard (including the outdoor cinema), the Godfrey Tanner Bar, Bar on the Hill and the Clubhouse - all of which are licensed. We also take bookings for the Auchmuty Courtyard and the Park (old car park next to NUSA & BOTH). UON clubs and societies automatically receive free use of these venues and spaces. For more information pop into The Basement or send us an email.

As a condition of having free venue hire, we expect clubs and societies to both set up and pack up each venue to the best of their ability. There will be some cases where you need our help, but mostly it's up to you. Make sure you organise people to do this at your event!

Sapphire Catering offers a variety of venues available for hire at Callaghan campus including the Brennan and McLarty Rooms, Nelson, Lambert and Treehouse function rooms and Isabella's Restaurant. The function rooms are good for private gatherings and meetings, with the Brennan and McLarty Rooms as a great space for formal dinners, expos and general events.

Please refer to their Terms and Conditions. For more information check out Sapphire's website, send them an email or phone them on 02 4985 4122.

When do you want to hold your event?

Planning an event can be more time-consuming than you imagine. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan and work around your assignments and exams. Also think of the people you would like to be there: is the day/time convenient for them?

Who will be the guests to your event?

Do you want to open your event to everyone or keep it a members-only event? You may want to consider making your event free for members and charge non-members.

How many people do you think will come to your event? You can ask your members to RSVP but at an open event it may be hard to get a good picture of how many may be coming. Be conservative in your estimate, 100 people is actually a big number.

Is it going to be 18+ event in a licensed venue? Depending on the event, underage patrons may be allowed to attend, but if it is one of our venues then we will need to know in advance to make this possible. In addition to this, certain conditions must be met in accordance with responsible service of alcohol.

Will you need security?

Not all functions require security, but some do. The venue that you look to hold your event at will determine if and how many security staff you will need for the night. The costs for this will be charged to your account. Security will check ID at the door. They are also there just in case things get a little too rowdy.

Will there be food?

The biggest constraint on catering is your budget. Think about whether it’s really necessary to feed people dinner or whether you can just provide snacks. If you think people will be drinking alcohol, we'd definitely recommend a few snacks.

There are several on-campus catering options for you:

- Sapphire Catering. Check out their menu on their website.

    - The UON Clubs and Societies function menu for the Godfrey Tanner Bar and Bar on the Hill. Both these menus are offered at discounted rates of approximately 10% for UON clubs and societies to help you keep costs down. Other options can always be discussed, just speak with the Clubs team. Email us to request the menu.

    Unfortunately the only UON licensed venue that you can cater for yourself at is the Clubhouse.

    What is the budget?

    Once you work out what event you are going to hold, draw up a budget and calculate how much money you expect to spend on the event. Based on this you can calculate whether or not it's necessary to charge entry, and if entry is charged, how much this entry fee needs to be to cover your costs. Don’t forget to include GST! Make sure to keep records of purchases and, where possible, get receipts. You could attempt to offset costs by allowing free entry for people who provide a plate of food.

    How do you want to promote your event?

    Promotion is a huge way of boosting numbers at your event - check out promoting your club for all of the promotion options available.

    Event Plan

    Once you have all the details worked out, develop a plan for the night. One key point – DELEGATE! Make sure you know who is doing what, so that when it comes to the time to wrap up you’re not the only one left holding a bin bag and a broom.

    Special Requests

    If you have any special requests, don’t be afraid to ask us! If you’ve ever seen Snow Jam, you’ll know that even the most unusual ideas can come to fruition – so long as you’re willing to put in the time and work with us. 

    Once you have an idea of what you'd like your event to be, fill out our
    Clubs and Societies Events Enquiry Form online and the Clubs team will be in touch!

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