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You are here: Home Support Clubs & Societies Affiliation


Clubs and societies can choose to affiliate with the U for the full suite of support services, or simply register* to access the basic benefits.

Thinking about affiliating? You might have some questions, like:


Why affiliate with the U?

Clubs and Societies can choose to affiliate with one of a number of organisations at UoN, so why choose the U? Well, we have a range of benefits available to clubs, including some substantial financial boosts! Plus, we have staff available from 9am to 5pm every day (including during uni breaks) to help you with any queries or questions you might have.

Clubs and societies that choose to affiliate with the U can access a range of subsidies and benefits including:

  • Insurance for events on and off campus (subject to assessment)
  • Subsidies ($150 start-up budget and up to $60 per financial member for each Club per year - up to $10,000)
  • Free use of U venues (Bar on the Hill, Godfrey Tanner Bar)
  • Free use of the Clubhouse, a recently renovated meeting space made specifically for clubs under Bar on the Hill
  • Free or discounted equipment use
  • Free Corporate Governance Training
  • Specialised events, marketing and student support
  • Discounts on catering
  • Discounted drink rates at functions
  • Subsidies to cover bar staff at events and functions
  • Free promotion of your club/society on campus, online and in YAK
  • Free booths at O-week and on-request throughout the year
  • Use of the U logo
  • Use of the Clubs and Societies office facilities (desk space, printer use, filing space, storage)


How to affiliate with the U

So, you want to start a Club or Society?


Find at least 20 people willing to join, and make sure they are willing to pay at least $1 in membership fee (for staff and students of the University of Newcastle).


Read the Clubs and Societies Guide to get your head around the responsibilities of running a club.


Let the U know that you intend to affiliate by completing the Intention to Affiliate Form and we will send you the required forms via email and invite you to our office to make sure you understand the ins and outs of starting a club or society.


Plan your first meeting, set the agenda and invite the members, to establish the club executive committee and agree on the club name, constitution and aims and objectives.


Set up a bank account for your newly-formed club/society.


If you decide to affiliate make sure to submit the Application for Affiliation with the U Form (the link to the form will be sent to you once you have filled out the Intention to Affiliate Form). You will be asked to upload:

  1. Constitution (check the Template Constitution)
  2. Minutes from your Inaugural/Annual General Meeting
  3. Latest list of Members


When you complete the application for affiliation, your club must not be affiliated with any other organisation on campus, with the exception of sporting clubs. Sporting clubs must be affiliated with NUSport, but can affiliate a social or supporters club with the U.

    STEP 7:

    Wait for the outcome. The U will let you know within 2 weeks whether your application has been approved or needs some changes.


    What's the difference between registration and affiliation?

    Clubs that choose not to affiliate with the U, but with another association, can still access the same benefits as always, including help with promotion, functions and events. Choosing to affiliate with the U gives you access to insurance coverage for on and off campus events, additional funding and subsidies.


    To register*, complete this form.

    To notify the U of your intention to affiliate, complete the Intention to Affiliate form.

    *To register with the U in 2014, you must be affiliated with another association on campus (Faculty, NUsport, NUSA, NUPSA, Campus Central).

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