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You are here: Home Entertainment Festival of Autonomy
You are here: Home Entertainment Festival of Autonomy

Festival of Autonomy 2014

This year, the historical (and crazy) Festival of Autonomy celebrations happen from Monday 4 August, culminating in the Festival of Autonomy Party of Friday, 8 August.

History says it was the 1st day of January 1965 that the illustrious University of Newcastle was declared autonomous from its forbearer, the University of New South Wales as decreed by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Eric Winslow Woodward and since that fateful day, students at UoN have celebrated the Uni’s independence Semester 2 of each year.

2014 will be no different. Stay tuned to find out how you can join us in celebrating the Festival of Autonomy at UoN from inflatable fun, to billycarts and photo exhibitions.

Silent Disco Tour
August 03, 2015
Wanna groove your way all over campus, checking out some historic UON landmarks while listening to some rad beats? Easy! Just join one of our Silent Disco Tours as part of the Festival of Autonomy.
Morning Rave 3
August 05, 2015
Eat, sleep, rave...go to class. If you are looking for a heart-starting way to begin your day, look no further than our third morning rave!
Auchmuty 500 Billy Cart Race
August 07, 2015
Time to bust out your intelligence for mechanical excellence in the Auchmuty 500 billy cart race that will take place at 9:30am on Friday, 7 August as part of the 2015 Festival of Autonomy.