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You are here: Home Eat, Drink, Shop Godfrey Tanner Bar

Godfrey Tanner Bar

Godfrey Tanner Bar Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 6:00pm

You can find the Godfrey Tanner Bar on the Shortland side of campus, the bar boasts a tasty gourmet menu (burgers and pizza for under $10 anyone?) and Tanner Tuesdays.

It all happens on Tuesdays in the Godfrey Tanner Bar from Q&A nights to knitting, Open Mic Night or Debating! Check our regular events page to find out more about when these free events are happening.

Also host to regular games of trivia, pool comps and Tanner Tuesdays, the Godfrey Tanner Bar is the perfect place to relax in between lectures and tutorials.

Serving both food and drinks (including the alcoholic kind), the Godfrey Tanner Bar is open from 10am. View the full menu.

You can also hire the bar for functions.

With an outdoor balcony equipped with tables and chairs as well as comfy booths inside, the Godfrey Tanner Bar is as relaxed as its namesake.

Godfrey Tanner is a most conspicuous character. From one perspective, having a bar named after you is a somewhat dubious honour. In Tanner's case, it's an indication of the extent to which he was happy to meet students on their own terms.

He was always involved in the student life of the university, and was extremely generous and supportive. Many remember him with great fondness, and suggest that Tanner was the exemplar of the university spirit in Newcastle.

Of course, that being the case, it's quite apt that we acknowledge that with a bar.

So if you are one of the people who have, like Godfrey Tanner, realised that university life isn't just about studying, the Godfrey Tanner Bar is a place for you.

The Godfrey Tanner Bar is open from 10am - 6pm everyday except Tuesday when the bar hosts Tanner Tuesday until 10pm.

The U is committed to providing an environment which is safe and enjoyable for customers and staff at Godfrey Tanner Bar. We aim to serve our customers in a responsible, friendly and professional manner, and to meet the conditions of our liquor license. Review our house policy here.

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