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Create 2308

Think you know what ‘arts’ or ‘creativity’ mean? Think again! The totally free Create 2308 festival contains ideas and projects that will challenge your traditional thoughts on art and surprise you. The University comes alive with its celebration of the arts, featuring exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and workshops, there’s always something to catch your eye.

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There's stacks of creative activity planned to help stir your imagination during this year's Create 2308 festival happening around campus from 18 - 22 August. Take a wander across Callaghan and find sculptures, installations and interactive videos from artists across the 2308 community - here's a map to help you find the best bits. The Quoto Booth also returns with your chance to have your say on what art means to you. Fridge Door Poetry will pop up around the place with your chance to compose some wonderful prose and win $250 Co-op voucher.

  • Transitory: asks the question ‘In the current digital environment, what can we do with the large volumes of data produced from everyday life? Find this exhibition along the Hunter Concourse.
  • Wazabutu: Hanging fibre-Art 'life-forms' which engage with the presence of people.
  • Ocean: An installation of DIY Contact Microphones abstracting a student-driven “undercurrent” of audio within the Hunter Building.
  • Bushland Campus: Callaghan is a Bushland Campus with two great degrees dealing directly in visual arts: Visual Arts and Natural History Illustration. Within the campus there are a few spaces, which do not live up to the name “Bushland Campus”. This project is designed to activate one of these spaces through the cooperation between the two degree programmes. In the concrete and brick courtyard in the Hunter building, near the cafes, clusters of sculpted, fibre ‘trees’ would be made and exhibited for the duration of the festival. These would represent the wonderful ecology that is in place throughout the campus and bring it to a popular sitting/eating area that lacks such diversity.
  • The Arm Knitting Project is a performance and installation where the performer uses their arms to knit together torn up second hand quilt covers to create a large knitted flow over the balcony of the Auchmuty Library. The work draws associations to the notion of comfort through the use of a material originally purposed for warmth and resting and the often meditative process of knitting. However the large scale of the work, the exaggeration of the process through performance and use of non-traditional materials explores the union of strangers, second hand quilt covers, interlaced through means of knitting.

View the schedule below to find out what else is in store.

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