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You are here: Home Accommodation Off Campus Finding Accommodation Types of accommodation
You are here: Home Accommodation Off Campus Finding Accommodation Types of accommodation

Types of accommodation

Some of the different types of off-campus accommodation you might like to consider include privately renting a house or apartment, sharing with other students, or boarding with a local family.


Board is offered by families or mature age adults who enjoy the company of students and who, by taking in a boarder, reduce their expenses such as insurance, utilities and rent.

Board has a number of combinations of different services provided. You need to enquire what is being offered: washing, ironing, all meals, or making your lunch, and what happens if you are late home for meals?

Board is normally the cheapest type of accommodation because you have a furnished room, and electricity, gas, food and washing are usually included.

Renting/Sharing a house or flat

This type of accommodation usually means privately renting/leasing a house, apartment or unit via a Real Estate Agent or direct from the owner.  Students intending on renting may want to share with other students which means students share the facilities i.e. common bathroom, kitchen, laundry etc and costs of utilities such electricity and gas.  Rental accommodation is cost effective and suitable for stays over a longer period of time.


Homestay is a popular accommodation option for international students, providing excellent support when first arriving in Australia. Homestay involves living with a local family and learning about the Australian way of life. Students have their own furnished room and are provided with meals. Washing, ironing, telephone and transport costs are the students responsibility. Learn more about Homestay here.