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You are here: Home Accommodation Off Campus Finding Accommodation Questions to ask
You are here: Home Accommodation Off Campus Finding Accommodation Questions to ask

Questions to ask

Before you look at moving into a property, it is a good idea to think about all the questions you need to ask and the information you require from the agent, landlord or share house tenants. You will probably be surprised at the things you think of when you write the list of things you want to know. Here are some examples of questions you can include in your own checklist:

About the Property

  1. Is your property still available for rent?
  2. What date is it available?
  3. What is the exact address and how do I get there?

Rent, Lease and Bond

  1. How much is the rent per week?
  2. Does the rent include utilities - is the cost of water, electricity, phone, internet included?
  3. Do I have to pay a bond? How much is it? When I leave, how is the money refunded to me?
  4. Do I have to pay rent in advance? If so, how many weeks?
  5. Are there any other charges?
  6. What is the type of lease - fixed or periodic? I will only be here for a few months - is that OK? What about the lease arrangements?
  7. How much notice will I have to give if I want to leave?


  1. Is the place furnished with kitchenware, fridge, tables, desks, TV, lounge, washer, dryer, phone?
  2. Is the bedroom furnished with a bed, desk, wardrobe, linen, and pillows?
  3. What will I need to buy before moving in?


Location and Security

  1. Is the property within walking distance of the University?
  2. How close is the train or bus stop that goes to the University and how long is the trip?
  3. How close is the shopping centre where I can buy food and other groceries?
  4. How safe is the neighbourhood?
  5. Are there good locks on the doors and windows?
  6. Is there a place to park my bike or car?


Share House Living

  1. Can you tell me about the other people living in the house?
  2. What parts of the house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room) are shared and by how many people?
  3. Will it provide the right study environment or will there be too many distractions?
  4. Will it provide social interaction with other students?