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You are here: Home About News Autonomy Day Party

Autonomy Day Party

It's on again, Friday, August 8, 2014. Make sure you have all the details to plan your day and get the most from the celebrations.

The Festival of Autonomy, celebrating the University’s autonomy from the University of NSW in 1965, will be held from Monday, 4 August to Friday, 8 August, 2014.

For full details of what’s happening across campus during the festival, visit the event page.

Some of the changes that you will see on campus:

Carpark 3

The Billy-Cart Races are being run in the Architecture/Aviation precinct on the morning of Friday, 8 August.  As a result there will be restricted access to parking spaces in this area between 9.15am and 11.30am on Autonomy Day. Racing will commence at 9.30am so access to parking will cease from 9.15am.

If you do park in this area before 9.15am please note that you will not be able to remove your car until the racing ends at approximately 11.30am.

This area will return to full use after 11.30am.


Food & Beverage Services on Autonomy Day

Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner Bar will be closed for food and coffee service on Autonomy Day.

Other food outlets will be open for trade as usual. There will also be a range of additional food services available at the alcohol-free Carnival precinct on Oval 4 (behind the Commonwealth Bank).


Alcohol-Free Campus (outside of event precinct)

The campus has been declared alcohol-free by the Vice Chancellor, except for Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner Bar.  This means you cannot be drinking any alcoholic beverages while you are making your way between party zones, on your way to the event or on your way home.  Make sure you respect all those people who are working or studying on the day.


Entry to the venues

The Bar on the Hill and Godfrey Tanner Bar are licensed venues. You must be over 18 to enter, and be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear (thongs  or clothing depicting offensive material are not permitted). If asked to leave, you have to go – it’s the law.


Party Day Tips

  • Don’t drink anywhere other than Bar on the Hill or Godfrey Tanner Bar. The campus (apart from these areas) has been declared an alcohol-free zone.
  • Don’t bring alcohol with you or carry alcohol across campus – it will be confiscated
  • You get 2 pass-outs, use them wisely! Get involved in some of the “other stuff” like the Carnival or billy cart races
  • Register for the Billy Cart races or just go and watch! Remember, you will be breathalysed before you participate, so don’t drink beforehand!
  • Respect people who have to work or study – sadly not everyone gets to party and there are lots of people in the buildings around campus trying to get stuff done.
  • Save your $$$ - there are free buses from Bar on the Hill from 1pm.
  • Like any licensed venue, you will be turned away if you show up to Bar on the Hill intoxicated. So don’t start partying too early, or your day might end before you even get inside.
  • Take advantage of the free breakfast at Bar on the Hill from 7am
  • Make sure you have a current UoN student card to enter for $10.
  • Students can only bring one guest (non-student), and guests can’t get in without a student with a current UoN student card – this party is put on for you guys, so we want to make sure it stays that way.


Most importantly, HAVE FUN! The Festival is about celebrating everything we love about UoN, so make sure you get in on the action and have an awesome time.