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Welcome to the U. Who are the U? We are you! We began as a small caravan in Tighes Hill, feeding you cheap food and deliciousness. We have now expanded to a not-for-profit organisation, and are here to make sure you have the best time possible while you're at uni.

While we still sell you food, we have stretched ourselves to cover student support, accommodation services, entertainment, functions and other services and facilities. We provide support for the many different clubs and societies on campus as well as delivering a range of benefits for our members.

Yes, we've come a long way since that caravan, but we've still got the same relaxed attitude. We need to have it to put on events like the Festival of Autonomy, Toga Party and Cultural Awakenings!

A Board of Directors (of which a third are students) steadfastly guides us. The other two-thirds used to be students, so they know the deal!

Any money you spend on our events, at our bars, and buying food from our tenants goes straight back to providing more awesome stuff for you. We're not-for-profit, so where else is it going to go!

Basically, we are here for you.